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SCREENPLAYS contact us to receive a hard copy or pdf.


Buddy Comedy: a story of three unemployed TV pros, who attempt to create their own News show, create trouble for themselves when they inadvertently uncover and thwart the local Mob's crime business. An action packed fun filled adventure! (for sale)


Thriller: A CIA contractor finds himself smack in the middle of the crash of the U S Dollar and takeover by the new world money powers. email for a pdf of the script. (for sale)

"THE DOORSTEP" by Michael A Davis

Historical Fiction  set in the revelutionary war. Abraham Hunt, the first U S double agent is tried as a traitor. Had this true event not taken place, there's a good chance there wouldn't have been a United States of America. Currently seeking funding or partners.  Check out Michael's website for more information.



Fairy Fort

Fairy Fort, written and directed by Laurie Powers.  Starring:  Laurie Powers, Chris Forsyth, Laurie Coker, Cory Griswell, Elizibeth Mason, Dasha Brotherton, Jeremy Hartman, Anastasia Diavatopoulos. 

Tony Pfau took on a low budget indie while in Austin, Texas. The film is a short made for release in one of Austin's many film festivals.

The film is a supernatural tale of stolen souls and lost loved based on Irish fairy lore.  Maire Sion moves from Ireland with her new husband to his family ranch in Texas.  Haunted by the rantings of here superstitious grandmother and the childhood disappearance of her parents, she starts to fear she is going mad, when only afeter 8 months in Texas, her husband vanishes.

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Hashely Talibansfield

Of course we couldn't let you go without our spoof on the pathetic reporting when United State's soldiers invaded Iraq. It was a media circus and one reporter pretty much took the cake with here sensationalization and obvious un objective reporting style.  This little spoof is based on actual and pathetic reporting, but just lightened up a little bit.


Hashley Talibansfield is a us reporter, with some obvious conflicts of interest with her Taliban boyfriend, and seems to be hot on Osama's trail..or is she? You can read the short here.



The Golden Dubloon

A funny short based in Austin Texas.   Things are looking real good for Nathan Trumble, that is until he discovered a golden coin in an alley.

Unbeknownst to him, the magic dubloon has a few tag alongs, a Pirate, a 12 year old brat and a sassy girl who tag along with Nathan.  The problem is that everyone else can see them, but, the beholder of the magic dubloon!

It is quite hilarious and seeking funding of 70-90K to do a festival short as a precursor to finding interest to fund a full length feature. 

The Lost Troopers of Milk Creek

While historian and explorer Brad Edwards was uncovering many artifacts at the "Battle of Milk Creek" battle site outside of Meeker Colorado, he, stumbled upon quite the find.  He had uncovered the remains of 12 dead U.S.Cavalry troopers buried in a mass grave, who died during the bloody attack on our troops.

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In the vein of the early Disney and "Flounder" days, "Moosie" is a heartwarming story of a father who comes to terms with what's important when his daughter disappears into the woods on a family visit.  

Directed by Sheri Kaz, This film was produced "on spec" in 1998 and has won Telly's and entertained children and families since.  






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