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First Flight

Intro To Film Fall 2010- students complete filming of their class project "First Flight" 16mm Film.  I am very proud of all of the students who worked extremely hard to pull off their first real film project.   See some of my previous classes' projects at I am quite proud of all of their achievements!



{qtube vid:=Y2mRbg5h2QQ}


Director David Higgens

Former student and now director David Higgens is working on his next feature " The Outlaw Doc Middleton"  Currently seeking funding.

The screenplay is based on upon the real life character Doc Middleton, a "hoss theivin" outlaw that actually lived to be 63 years old.

Paired up with another former student and now successful DP, Zach Armstrong, the duo should bring quite the story to life!  It is sure to be a hit when it hits the screen.

Find out more at The Outlaw Doc Middleton

Mitch Dickman- Premiers 2 Features!

Mitch Dickman a former student of mine recently directed released not one but TWP features.

He is one to watch.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work!

Will (played by Screenwriter William Hahn) who has a quick wit, good education, beautiful wife…and no direction. Schooled as a playwright, he made an apathetic slide into construction work and a passionless marriage. When his wife finds a porn clip on his computer, Will’s real and vividly imagined worlds come crashing together in a battle for his soul. Hahn is joined in the cast by his real-life wife, actor Heidi Hahn, creating a fascinating and fierce onscreen relationship.  The cast also features the excellent Karen Slack (winner of best season by and actress), Chris Kelly (star of "Ink"), Chris Kendall, GerRee Hinshaw and Melinda Smart. Directed by Mitch Dickman.

DNC Mediamockracy
Using original footage shot during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, this documentary captures the strife, laughter and drama of Listen Productions' 4-week creation of an original play examining the relationship between media and politics. Featuring interviews with Ralph Nader, LP's  Mitch Dickman, and the cast of the stage play "DNC Mediamockracy"- winner of the Best of Westword award for "Best Example of Theatrical Relevancy" and a Denver Post Ovation Award for "Best Multimedia".


Student Success Stories

Here you can find updates on  former students who have hit it running.  Many of my students have done quite well in the industry.

Check back soon for little writeups on people such as  David Higgens (Doc Middleton), Mitch Dickman, Brian Udovich ("Wackness") , Todd Lemley ("Shuttle")  all getting their features released or in production.

I'm very proud of ALL of my students who made it through my classes.   I always said to other pros that they should check out the talent of these kids, and I was right!

If you are a former student , get in touch about any work you've released!

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