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The Grapevine

Here's some updates about former students of mine that are out and about making their way through the maze of movieland as a professional, and getting paid.  I expect I'll be seen many names on the big screen soon!


Tori Olsen, is now working in LA as a rental technician.

Kenneth Marken is developing his first indie feature.

Zach Holloran is working as a Cinematographer for Greenworks

Andrew Jones has worked on several national television spots as key production assistant.

David Higgens completed Production on his first indie "Aviation Cocktail"

Brian Udovich is onto his 5th picture and his picture Wackness a Sundance Award Winner!

Delby Bruin is in LA producing low budget horror films.

Peter Wigand , cinematography major, just completed shooting on his first feature film "Dust of War"

Trevor Beeler has been working in the industry

Sino Chum working at Starz Encore as a

Jarrod Austin working as a Prdoucer at

Rene Varga living in LA and workign in the industry

Alan Hamilton become the key equipment manager at Lighting Services and now working at  motion picture lab.

James Harshman is now rental manager at a large equipment house LIghting Services inc.

Tamara Decker- now works with SAG.


Others doing quite well,  April Frame, Mat Wafai, Cass Letson, Zach Armstrong, Steve McKissen  Josh Wienberg, Joey Wartenchaney and many others.

If you're one of my former students and not mentioned, drop me an email and let me know what you're up to. I'm happy to tout the success of my former students!

Just Wrapped: The Garden




Be sure to check out the rough VFX compositing demo - popup video View Here done for my students.

Coming this fall!: The Garden- A film by Jason Huff. Director of Photography: Michael Pounds. Starring: Autumn Caghuren as Eve, Casey Lloyd as Adam. Executive Producer/ Chief Babysitter, yours truly. A new twist on Mark Twain's Diary of Adam and Diary of Eve.

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The Trouble With Jill

My Intro To Film Class, Fall 2011 just wrapped a funny take off on the Jack & Jill Story.  Directed by Seth Hollomon, the piece is a hilarious look at an old fairy tale, where Jack faces some more modern day problems.  

Despite the madness, all of the students in this class earned their stripes and yet another batch of film makers are released into the remaining curiculum certainly changed men and women!  The thing to remember is that these students come into my class never having seen a film camera or worked on a film shoot.  I'm proud of all of the students that make it through "boot camp" and, although they make mistakes, they have a much stronger foundation from which to further their development!  Bravo!


watch it here.






Crosspoint's 30ish Film Competition.

Tony is proud to announce that he will be one of the judges on the exciting film festival and competition held at Crosspoint on July 21st.  Entry deadline is soon!  Don't miss this one.  You can find out more about it here.

Tutorial Channel Now Live at

Just released, series of tutorials for film students. The tutorials (no they may not be Avatar3) are basic screen recordings that cover techniques using available free or cheap resources to create documents, set overheads, breakdowns, online document sharing, location scouting compilations for production prep. They are a must for ALL of my students.

Future episodes will be offering many more useful techniques and tips to make existing technology actually work for production. While I'm no Brat Pitt, and it's right now just screen capture recordings with VO, content is king. They are great for the beginning or even seasoned pros. The tutorials are available on iTunes® as a podcast, search Pfau and Film. Subscribe to Tony's Tips for Film Students or PfauPod tips for Film Students.  The gold one downloads faster but the blue one is updated faster. However; the tutorials are easier to view HD on my show channel

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