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Crosspoint's 30ish Film Competition.

Tony is proud to announce that he will be one of the judges on the exciting film festival and competition held at Crosspoint on July 21st.  Entry deadline is soon!  Don't miss this one.  You can find out more about it here.

Tutorial Channel Now Live at

Just released, series of tutorials for film students. The tutorials (no they may not be Avatar3) are basic screen recordings that cover techniques using available free or cheap resources to create documents, set overheads, breakdowns, online document sharing, location scouting compilations for production prep. They are a must for ALL of my students.

Future episodes will be offering many more useful techniques and tips to make existing technology actually work for production. While I'm no Brat Pitt, and it's right now just screen capture recordings with VO, content is king. They are great for the beginning or even seasoned pros. The tutorials are available on iTunes® as a podcast, search Pfau and Film. Subscribe to Tony's Tips for Film Students or PfauPod tips for Film Students.  The gold one downloads faster but the blue one is updated faster. However; the tutorials are easier to view HD on my show channel

My Students In the News!

Just Announced: Colorado Film School rated in top 25!  See Article Here.

My 16mm/HD students made the news.  Here's the link

This semester I had 4 student groups shooting film and three doing incredible projects on the RED in HD. The Intro to Film Class pulled off a great one again!   See trailer here.

While the digitial revolution continues, many students are finding out why I've always advocated shooting film.  While the preparation is more intense, the results are long lasting, modifiable and can change as the technology changes.  Some students are finding that once you've prepared well, shooting film is actually much more freeing.


We are experienced at working with ad agency creatives and producers, marketing divisions for fortune 500 companies and the independent businessman seeking to move their business.


We also do a great job with the man on the street, real people and documentary style work that we're seeing more of.


Whether its film or tape, or digital, you'll see the flair we bring to any project.  Check out the reels then Let's talk!


Update- Tony instructing again at the Colorado Film School

It is with great pleasure to announce that beginning in fall of 2009 I will be once again instructing alongside some very talented staff and faculty at the Colorado Film School. We are still available for projects, and now can consider some low budget PSA's etc where the students could get some practical experience.

It is indeed a blessing to be able to pass down decades of experience to the up and coming filmakers, work with other extremely talented instructors and students, the energy is awesome.  The work is incredible.  Over the years I've seen a tremendous amount of talent come through the school and the projects show it.  Even just looking at the school's demo, you can tell that the CFS filmakers have what it takes and in many cases, outshine pro's in this market.

The last few semesters, my film students have been turning out some tremendous work. You can see it here.  Some of the work is the rough cuts, finished versions are posted once released.  One look and you'll see that these kids, having had no experience with film prior, are making great strides!

Hopefully my spring Intro to 16mm class will be creating a music video for a local artist Melissa Ivey.  This should be a great showpiece for both the students and the young musician.   Check the news and info section for updates!

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