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Tony Pfau- Editorial | Director-Producer

Editorial services are available to production companies, post production houses, ad agencies and PR firms. 
Helping to bring client's imagination to reality, where experience shows up on the screen is our goal! Simply the best, coolest, efficient, most dedicated, expert, innovative, slick film and production partner you'll find!  Tony Pfau, can be available as your editor!  He is and has been and award winning director, and director of photography for spots, indies, corporate work and even the viral stuff.  Tony's latest efforts are focusing on our pilot children's tv show Airpark TV and beefing up the editing system for next year's political advertising season.
AWARD WINNING! Tony has earned national and international awards for our work done for clients such as, U S West, AT&T Broadband, Quiznos, RE/Max, NRC Broadcasting, Starz Entertainment, Great West Life and ad agencies.  He's produced independent features, and bring over 3 decades of high powered real film experience to the party.
For businesses heading into the world of web video on their own. Please see our new seminar training and consulting services! We can teach you how to make great social media productions that actually work to increase your business! Your brand still matters doesn't it?  Be sure to read this article on the importance of good work in the evolving social media world.


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Recent Work

 webpic baldwin

CraftDC:  "Emergency Committe for Israel" 3 spots  "Silent Majority" Web Video: Fall 2012 Election, preview popup video here.


ss announce  webtb Network Affiliates Sept. 2012:  Improv Demo Campaign 10 spots RED 4k, Douglas & London customization package, 10 spot Package for Trantolo & Trantolo edited for award winning Director/Producer Tom Baldonado through Crosspoint Inc.. Colorist: Eric Anolin Short Demo Here (popup)

  • Network Affiliates- Aaron Sachs Spring 2012 spot campaign over 90 testimonial regionals spots with all compositing. Editor. View Popup Video here. 
  • Independent Development Work:  Numerous political specs and releases, some not available to display, email for private link.
  • Production Supervision-Professional Consultation & Instruction: Hundreds of students have been getting professional training and instruction at the Colorado Film School in Tony Pfau's film courses and productions.- 2 hours of training podcasts for film makers.  Just guessing,  but pretty sure I've managed more film , actual film here than has been shot in the whole market for awhile, just sayin. Recent Instructor Edits and VFX- "The Garden, First Flight, LaVita Va Avanti, Retirement" and more.  

{qtube vid:=2ptaL5ztpyk}


  • Great West Heathcare-HSA-through Kaz Creative (Herme's GOLD winner see full show here) ,
  • Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy: Viral Campaign click to view -YouTube Virals
  • Imagine That!: Paramount Pictures, starring Eddie Murphy--Denver unit-  Key Extras Casting Coordinator Asst for Chris Farrell,. Over 2000 man days in 12 days of Denver Shooting.  See Trailer Here.
  • Verizon/ Denver Extras: developed online management of extras for the Verizon production "ski area, you know, the "network guy"  We did not do the production, simply managed the over 200 extras needed to be booked and transported to Winter Park, check it out here. 
  • Kaz Creative: RE/MAX International "Superman",
  • NRC-Jack 105.5 FM Spots-
  • "Austin Hip Hop Showcase" - Gutter Kitty Productions- Austin, TX dir/dp August 06
  • "Mother's Window Tint - Regional television campaign -spring, summer 06-dir/dp
  • "Fairy Fort" feature DP, director-Laurie Powers, on location, Mason TX, release 9/06 view trailer
  • "Death of a Romance" DP/LD- director Jon Brown, Austin TX
  • The Manny Can Effort: cute and quirky animated web series and opinion pieces about the issues facing us and our economy with energy regulation and restrictions.
  • Dishy Dog:  Viral, Product Launch video.
  • FFRCI, "Spinflush® Launch video
Outdoor-Television--from unscripted unproduced media.

mkeyser webtb
 NBC Sports-The Buck Stops Here Episode 410, Airs 11/11/12 Tails of the Hunt episode.



be305"Browning Expeditions-Demo  Show intro & 1 Segment created on spec/edit test for Colorado producer. Unscripted hunting shows. Popup Video!  View Intro Here  View Segment Her

Misc Crew (not production company)
  • Atlantic Records- "B.o.B. Don't let me Fall"- Denver 2010 2nd A.D for 1st AD Robert King.
  • NBA- Chauncy Billups Vaccination PSA-
  • Development of cloud management system for production.
Screenplays recently completed: -- "Artifact" thriller, "Newsguys" buddy comedy, developing "A Drip of Time" , "The Dubloon." (see log-lines in the development section)





Terms and Rates and Such

Rates Summary: All services require either a retainer or up front deposit at time of booking.  Deal Memos required on all projects.  Should work start prior to return of deal memo- the following standard rates shall apply.

  • Editing- Final Cut /Adobe Premiere Pro  $750.00 per 10 hour day* prep or edit, plus additional equipment rental & expenses as necssary. Overtime (over 10-) is billed at 125.00 per hour. First Cut Services (unsupervised unguided edit) $850.00* per day.  All editorial projects require at least 1 day prep.  All project media will be conformed to ProRes 422 or ProRes 422HQ.  We are no longer supporting AVID projects.
  • DVD-Blu Ray 1 off's, these prices are on top of the day rate for editor:  One off's simple menu : Author and Build- each version $85.00.  Each additonal copy at $35.00 We do NOT do mass duplication.  There is no guarantee that any burned disc will work on every machine.  Please note DVD is NOT the same thing as Blu-Ray.  DVD is standard definition, Blu-Ray is for High Definition.  Please determine whether you want 720p or 1080i, or need one at 24p before ordering.
  • Conversion: Prep: Time to conform GOP media, RED etc, transcoding at $65.00 hour to setup, 30.00 an hour for machine time for transcoding.  All media must be conformed for prores workflow.
  • Air Master-Dubbing: Air Dubs, tape or digital will be outsourced. Please have your specifications from traffic ready to place these orders.
  • Concept Script Development/Writing min retainer $3500.00 + expenses or as estimated.
  • Industrial -Viral Rates director/dop * $1200 per day +% of markup
  • Commercial -Broadcast (director only dir/dp nego)  *$1950 per day + % of markup
  • Indie/ Feature Stripboard / Top Sheet 3500-5000.00 - weekly rates negotiated
  • Other services; per quote
  • Day rates are based on 10 hour days from call to wrap.
  • *does not include equipment rental.

Payment: After initial deposit is exhausted, billing will be weekly and all invoices due NET 10.  (within 2 weeks) We do not wish to be in the collections business.  Prompt payment is expected and is a condition of any and all flat or discounted, negotiated project rates.  Customer's charges will revert to standard rates for overtime, markup, and time should a customer fail to meet their payment deadlines.  Accounts are considered past due and subject to collection at 30 days.

Full Service Production Company Services- Concept through Completion:   If you have a script you need professionally produced, and you have a realistic  budget or  we may still  offer the traditional production company services for 35mm or Professional HD productions, however; this mode of working is different than freelance day rates.  click here to find out more.

Platforms:  I work on an APPLE using  Final Cut Pro X,  Adobe Premier Pro, AfterEffects, Mocha AE and earlier versions of Final Cut Pro.  If your system is adequate, I can cut on your system, or one of my post house partner/clients, or on or off-site on my portable Thunderbolt system.   Producers & Directors can enjoy my unsupervised First Cut services* Drop it off, view the roughs online later!:) Check Availability  Note- conforming media coming from a PC environment can take additonal time.

For broadcast customers, typically for remote work, I am working to a first cut, conforming the edit for a final finish, dubbing at a post production facility.  If you are new to broadcast, please note that many of the finishing processes i.e. final grading, audio sweetening , graphics design & 3d are done by those specialists to create the broadcast master.  Those services are billed seperately by those vendors.

Technical Problems: Just a note, if your footage has many technical issues, i.e. sound problems, exposure, poor or novice camera work, flat rates may not be available, or I may not take on the project.  Many issues that are caused by novices in production, camera or sound, or that are not produced to industry standards, can take many many hours to attempt to correct and can be impossible to create anything decent from. I will typically work from logs, script notes when reviewing media.  If we have started and I discover the media is in real bad shape during review, the media will be returned and customer billed for the days it took to review.  Typically this can be determined in 1 day. 

Logs-Script Notes, Editorial Prep If you do not have logs, or your media identified, A&B camera logs etc, topical index etc, I can hire an assistant that will log and review the media and prep it for an edit, fees for that vary and it can take a week or longer depending on the amount of media. You should also provide transcriptions of long interview pieces with timecode/reel/clip ID's.

Deal Memo: If we are just doing business for the first time, I'll be asking to have a deal memo signed in order to start work. It's quite simple, you can see the sample here. In all cases, if other terms have not been negotiated, it will be assumed we are operating from the terms outlined in the deal memo.



*Freelance Directing or Producer $1600: Tony is availalbe on a freelance basis when supported by one his producers or through one of his production company partners for select projects.  Rates start at $1600.00 per day.

Consultation: $1600  AVPfilms LLC will be offering consulting services to non-production company businesses who wish to be doing their own visual communications internally or those starting up production. Be it a full department or a couple of administrative assistants who need to create your audio and video messaging, or an help with an exeuctive who needs an on camera read. This service will be of tremendous value, saving you countless hours and headaches and allow you to create work that works!  Rates based on $1600.00 per day, $160 per hour. See sample consultation agreement here.  

Simple Business Web Video: (NEW): AVPfilms provides producer services for customer managed business web video. Rates vary depending on turn around and vendor used.  Producer/Director is billed at $850 per day, customer pays production vendors & licensing seperately. Very quick turn arounds, quality you'll be floored by!  Simple on camera reads could require only one day of producer time. On camera read of customer's script, done by customer is professionally directed.  Contact me for for quote and more details.  Are you one of the many just getting started with video? please read.

Top Sheet-Indie Budgets: Rough breakdown & topsheet for indies:  $3500-5000.00.  This is used for indie film producers to begin work on their PPM and Business Plan.  Please note AVPfilms LLC provides "above the line" production services. Other than for previously existing relationships, AVP no longer offers UPM, AD, or Line Production services to producers or producction companies.



but maybe not like this :)  oh, was sent to me by an associate and this was just too good to pass up, and if you're curious about what conversations don't work out so well, take a minute click the link above  and enjoy :)  This guys hit it dead on!


Contact Us

contact us via snail mail:  PO 101781, Denver, CO 80250  303-808-4179

or send us an email by clicking here. 

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