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a look at what's in the hopper!


AVPfilms LLC is working to get funding for a pilot TV show, Airpark.  It is a show for kids and family that will introduce aviation, aviation heros and fun to kids.  Watch the Video Here! Find out more at the project website.


Just Finished for CraftDC


2 spots and 1 viral web video sure to catch your eye, for the great team at, Justin Germany, Kate Galliers and Zach Hanover. A big thanks to all of you! Register to read more...

Seminars , Training & Consulting for Businesses!

AVPfilms will be offering consulting services to business and offering web video training seminars..  As reported in The Economist's article, " Words Fail Them" 1, companies are moving to video as the main form of communication, via their web, press releases and even embedded in documents. The written word is being replaced with video and visual communications.  Great news if you're one of the few that either know, or have a staff that knows how to actually produce these!  If not, we're here to help.

I've been teaching production techniques for universities and the Colorado Film School for over a decade. For businesses, I've developed 4 hour seminar/workshops to take people from concept through completion of a viral or web video presentation that actually works and is a cut above the mediocrity.  Do you want to build trust and confidence?  If so, looking and sounding good and considering your audience is crucial. (Be sure to check out my latest article here)  Download Overview Here. The course was originaly titled " How To Avoid Looking Like a Moron On YouTube.

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My Students In the News!

Just Announced: Colorado Film School rated in top 25!  See Article Here.

My 16mm/HD students made the news.  Here's the link

This semester I had 4 student groups shooting film and three doing incredible projects on the RED in HD. The Intro to Film Class pulled off a great one again!   See trailer here.

While the digitial revolution continues, many students are finding out why I've always advocated shooting film.  While the preparation is more intense, the results are long lasting, modifiable and can change as the technology changes.  Some students are finding that once you've prepared well, shooting film is actually much more freeing.


We are experienced at working with ad agency creatives and producers, marketing divisions for fortune 500 companies and the independent businessman seeking to move their business.


We also do a great job with the man on the street, real people and documentary style work that we're seeing more of.


Whether its film or tape, or digital, you'll see the flair we bring to any project.  Check out the reels then Let's talk!


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